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Wrightsville Fire & Rescue Station 41

From: Annie Weirich
Category: Police/Fire
Date: 14 Nov 2008
Time: 11:23:12 -0800
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If ever anyone has reservations or questions about our Fire company just go and ask at Station 41. I could not ask for a better group of people at Station 41. I was at the firehouse the night they had a fire in Columbia it was very late when they returned around 2am and I was glad that everyone returned safely. Until you have been there and see what the firefighters go thru to try and return things to normal no one will ever understand. I stayed till everyone was back and helped Renae with serving everyone food and watched the FF wash and scrub fire hoses cleaning and preping equipment for the next fire or emergency they had to endure. Station 41 is an outstanding group of people and a great family to be around they go out of there way and put their lives on the line for everyone. I will do what and when I can to help them out and am very greatful that we have Wrightsville Fire & Rescue Station 41 in our town. Stop by anytime to thank them for their hard work and sacrifices they make when they have to leave their families to fight fires or other emergencies.


From: fZukbllrAbNUrQybJHf
Category: Borough Council
Date: 19 Jun 2013
Time: 03:28:18 -0700
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As you are no doubt aware a vast amount of aiidtdonal information has been submitted by Westerman. This has not been submitted as Amended Plans, although we feel it should have been. This information has just been added to the original plans. The consultation date is very tight. Much of the info is traffic assessments and very technical making it almost impossible to read or dispute, especially in the limited time scale.We are extremely unhappy about the way Broxtowe are going about this. Much of the other info. has not been altered.Members of STRAG are trying to go through everything to see if we can find problems with what they have set out.It is highly likely that this will be discussed at the next Stapleford Town Council meeting on Friday, 30th November. If anyone is thinking of addressing the Stapleford Town Council you will need to contact the Town Clerk with regard to this on either Monday, 26th November or Tuesday, 27th November at the latest.

Last changed: 06/19/13