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I was recently inspired by this show:

We don't have something the size of Inner Harbor, but couldn't we do something on a smaller scale? Columbia is revitalizing it's waterfront, and Long Level is already a destination. How about a replica Ferry trip to Columbia, and Long Level, from our Riverfront Canal Area? It was once the Key Boarding port for the trip up and down the river....you got off/on the train, right here in Wrightsville! Add a boardwalk/dock, a few small shops, pretzel stand, seasonal snack shops, that sort of thing, and tie it to our existing businesses (and potentially new) in the town. We have the Wrightsville Inn, The Dutchman could be turned into a nice pub, John Wright's is there, and who knows what else would appear?

A public/private partnership would be all it would take. It would generate commerce, tax dollars, and excitement in the town. Wrightsville could become a destination, instead of a river town you pass through, avoiding a speeding ticket, on your way to some other part of York or Lancaster County.

At one time, Wrightsville was the focus of the world. We could at least regain some of that popularity, and not by negative newspaper stories.


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